Parish Notices

Parish Council meetings

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 9th March at 7.00 pm in the village hall.

The last meeting was on Wednesday 13th January - see here for the agenda.

Vacancy for Parish Councillor

We currently have a vacancy for a councillor - if you're interested, please contact Sue Porter our Parish Clerk on 301570.

The Parish Council now has its own website.

Although not yet complete, it will be the place to find all official documents pertaining to financial and regulatory matters plus meeting agendas, minutes etc.  The new website can be found here.

Road Fault Reporting

Northamptonshire County Council has a 'street doctor' site where members of the public can report road faults directly.  Please use this to report any problems rather than reporting faults to the Parish Council/Clerk.

Parish Council News

(December 2015)

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to the parish of Whilton for the warm welcome l have received as new Clerk to the Parish Council.  I was taking over from one of the best and would like to wish Erica all the best for the future and say that the transition was smooth and the handover notes made for very smooth running, of which l am most grateful!

The excitement of Halloween is over, the fireworks have stopped and we have the inevitable countdown to the festive season and the joy that this brings.  Advent calendars are flying off the shelves and we have already had our share of mince pies, but please remember this time of year to keep an eye on neighbours and relatives that may be on their own and in need of some company and just knowing there is someone, should they need that pint of milk collecting or the odd chore undertaking.  A few minutes from our busy lifestyles is not much to ask for a smile and a thank you.

The Parish Council is busy preparing the budget for next year and planning ahead, and other matters being discussed are the Capt Reynolds stone and footpath, along the highway, issues which we all encounter in our everyday lives, such as speeding in the village, and how this can be stopped!  Everyone is always in a rush these days!  Community Speedwatch and 20mph zones are all ideas being talked about over the table.  The first meeting of 2016 is at 7pm on Wednesday 13th January in the Village Hall.  There is a vacancy on the Parish Council and new members are always welcome, if this is of interest please do contact me for an informal discussion.

There are a couple of allotments that have become vacant and are looking to be filled; if you are interested, then please do give me a call.

Finally, l shall sign off and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2016 from all of Whilton Parish Council.

Sue Porter

Clerk to Whilton Parish Council

Complaints Procedure

If you have any complaints about the parish council or individual councillors, here is the procedure for dealing with the matter.

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